Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Our Tree

So about 2 weeks ago they took down the beautiful tree in front of our house. It will suppossedly be replaced by a new tree in the fall, but for now we have a VERY sunny front yard! (I am actually really sad about this, but I am trying not to be attached to a tree!)

Trip to PA

Water Ice and the playground
Here is the Kouveras family- after getting water ice-

Miss Olivia in the back of the truck

Carrie and Eliza

Jerry and Caed

The siblings- Aden managing to pick up his brother and sister in one attempt!

Carrie and Caed

Picture of Caed that Heather took at the playground

Aden playing around and I think he's actually stuck!

Mom and son

Trip to PA

Around Town

Ducks in the parking lot

before bath time

swinging in the park

Jerry and the kids relaxing!

Visit to Pennsylvania

Caed and I (and Khaki) went to my sister Heather's house in Washington Crossing, PA, for a few days while her husband, Jerry, was travelling. We had a great time, and Caed loved spending time with his cousins. Aden, Chantz and Olivia were such good cousins and they entertained Caedmon so well. My very good friend Carrie and her cousin Eliza even came out from Long Island to visit us as well. We had such a good time on our trip!

Heather's family has a membership to the local gym and her kids take classes there, so we went as a group to Olivia's ballet class one day. It has the coolest play area for kids. We enjoyed it a lot there, and Caed had his first experience in a ball pit, which he absolutely loved. He picture below is very typical of Caed these days- with his tongue sticking completely out of his mouth!

5 Years!

So this year to celebrate our 5th Anniversary, we went to the circus. Yes, we are incredibly romantic. (this was in addition to a great French dinner) We went because a couple of years ago we went for our 1st or 2nd anniversary, and with Caed now we thought it would be fun and easy to manage. We metro'ed down there and had a good time. We were hoping Caed would fall asleep in the stroller on our way there, but he didn't, he finally was so exhausted he fell asleep in Jon's arms. As for his favorite part of the show, I think he was inspired. We may have a lion tamer on our hands in the future.

Jerry Falwell

With the very sad news of Jerry Falwell's death, I found this picture and wanted to post it. Jerry, above everything was always friendly with the Liberty Students. This picture was taken when Jon and I went back to Liberty for Homecoming in October 2005. One of my former roommates, Teagan and I asked if we could take our photo with him, and as always he was willing to pose with us. It's only fitting that it was in front of his black suburban. He would drive around campus in it, and pretend to aim at us students. He did have a good sense of humor along with a lot of other great qualities. We will miss him greatly!