Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dubitsky/ Lewis Wedding Ceremony

The weekend of June 8th we headed down to Williamsburg for our friends' wedding. I've known Christina since about the 7th grade. She moved to DC when I was living here, and she's been here ever since. (i like to say it's because of me) She met a wonderful guy, Jeff and now they are married! These are some pictures from their wedding day! Congratulations Jeff and Christina! We are so happy for the two of you and pray for many blessings as you start your marriage!! (first two are from the day before the wedding- don't they look ready for the big day!)

First Friends

Here are some photos that we took of the boys- and Paul took the camera and got a couple of shots of Solveiga and I with the kids. Lukas was practically all smiles looking at Caed- and Caed was not quite as enthusiastic. Not many photos on this blog include myself- but here's the rare shots.

Jaskunas Family

A few weeks ago I met the Jaskunas Family in the park for some pictures. We had a good time, and we really found a good location. (Actually I think Paul found it) They are having such a good time with Lukas. In these photos he was closer to 6 months old- now he's already a whole month older!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Flowers (continued)

Here are a couple of more flowers I took pictures of


I took some more photos of our neighbor and Caed's first friend, Lukas. Here are two from the swing.

Playing in the dirt

When I was getting flowers and planting done Caed decided that helping me was a lot of fun. Dirt is definitely a good time occupier- and also a dirty one! He had lots of fun grabbing the dirt from the one container to the empty flower pot. Now, it being weeks later it's tricky to teach him not to grab the dirt out of the containers that have things growing in them!

The Queen's Arrival

Jon, Caed, April and I were invited to the White House for the Queen's arrival weeks ago- and these are some of the photos we took. I delayed a project I was working on to be there, Jon took off some time from work, and April switched her work shifts to come along! We had a lot of fun- we were far away, but thought it was the biggest privilege to be on the White House lawn for this special ceremony.

The Peterson Family

Mom and son in front of the White House

Dad and son getting a better view

The crowd

I know it's hard to see in this photo, but it's President Bush and the Queen!

My friend Jan and I (Jan got us the tickets to be there!)


Caed with his British Flag and American Flag that they gave out when we arrived at the gates.

Little Coffee Drinker

We were at the playground weeks ago and Caed decided that drinking my iced Coffee was enjoyable. No, the cup was empty, but I thought it was funny.

He's so good at drinking from a big cup!

Updating the Blog

We've had a busy month! I am in the process of getting my pictures ready to post, so I will be posting over the next few days. I am going to try to get them all done in the right time sequence...Hope you check back again as I catch up with posting about the Petersons in DC!