Saturday, March 31, 2007


I have been so busy with a major project this week lots of pictures are waiting to be posted here. I will finish up next week and have time to post some of them. Meanwhile, you can see a couple of pictures my friend Jan took, who's a professional photographer. She took Caed's annoucement photos and she's really amazing with her camera. Take a look at the photos on her site: We met downtown yesterday to see the Cherry Blossoms and we had a great afternoon. (please take a look at her other photos too, we think you'll agree that she's very talented!)

Monday, March 26, 2007

One of my favorite spring flowers

This is one of my favorite signs of spring! I quizzed my sister April on it all last spring- April, can you tell me what flower this is?

Flowers on our walks

I didn't get many pictures last year of flowers from my walks, so this year, I have been better. Here are some more photos of spring blooming around here. There is a new flower that I've never seen here- it might be a weed, wildflower or something, but I thought it was pretty, it's the first one below. I also am unclear to magnolias and dogwoods. I just happened to look up on my walk and this magnolia/ dogwood tree which we walk underneath was full of blooms! It has lots of extra overgrowth, so I never realized it before.

Here are some other photos I took- yes even a dandelion! That is a welcome flower to see for promise of warmer weather!

Caed at the Playground

Caed and I took a walk to the playground last week when it was nice out. He figured out our stairs here at home, and he got the ones at the playground quickly too. I didn't intentionally get his progression in figuring out and getting brave with the only holding on to the "steering wheel" but it was interesting to see it. He was having so much fun, and he just is getting so big so quickly!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mom's Group

So being a mom, I've joined a mom's group. This one is from our new church that we attend, National Community Church. It's really fun getting to know mom's in the area and Caed is getting a good dose of not being the only baby around. It's good for the both of us. I took a couple of photos this week after we finished our bible study. It's actually mostly girl babies and Caed got them all to himself this week. First photo is of Stacey and her daughter Millie-next is Violet who is just over a year old and lastly is Grace who is just a month younger then Caed- and the first baby we oficially were friends with since attending the church.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Old Photo

This photo is from our Christmas Card, and I just had to post it since I just saw it again on my computer. He is wearing a diaper!

More Flowers

Today got a lot warmer then they said it was going to, and I brought my camera with me on our walk today. Daffodils are blooming everywhere. We even have one- yes just one, in our yard. Across the street is a nice "clump" of blooms that I got a good picture of today. This one house has a beautiful front garden that blooms something new during the spring/summer. Iris's will be blooming soon after these daffodils. The orange-redish flowers are from a Quince shrub that blooms up the street from us- and it started blooming too.

Double Yellow Line

With the warmer weather they are re-lining our road to have double yellow lines down our street. North Capitol also got some cross walks, which is exciting for Caed, Khaki and I and our daily walks. We did have some little yellow lines down the street, but it was never completed, and when they came yesterday to paint the street they tore up the little yellow lines and just tossed them to the side. I thought it was funny that the yellow lines were laying on the sidewalk. Additionally, there was some spilled yellow stuff from them as well, I am not sure what from, but I thought they weren't very clean line painters! And I thought I had a picture of our new lines down the street, but seems I forgot to take that photo!

Friday, March 16, 2007


There were these beautiful crocuses that we walked by yesterday that I just had to take a picture of. With a cold wind that came in the afternoon yesterday, the weather has changed and we are bundling up again!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Warmer Weather

The weather around here is warming up- actually with predicted snow at some point in the next few days- but warmer weather brings us outside with more pictures. We had fun on the deck today with the little car Aunt Kik and Uncle Ken gave Caed for Christmas, while Lukas slept inside. We got a few photos of him before he took his nap though!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Stephanie's Visit

My friend Stephanie was here this past Monday overnight for a short visit. We had a good time chatting, eating and taking care of Caed. These were the only pictures I got, but thought they were adorable. Caed has also started clapping now, so I had to include the one of him clapping, although video of it is more impressive then a still photo.

Stephanie lives in RI, owns her own home, works for the state, and is part of a cool band called Ten years too late. You can check them out at: and listen to some of their music too. Stephanie and I have known each other since about middle school- which is entirely too long to remember me from!

Caed's new hat and jacket

After wearing a bundler most of the winter and a light blue bear hat, we've made the change to this army green jacket (thank you Caleb!) and Harley Davidson Hat (thank you Chantz!). I think he looks much more boy then baby now!


After some more snow and the warming up during the day and cooling off at night we had a bunch of icicles. I haven't taken pictures of icicles in a long time but I want to get a couple of shots.

Jaskunas Family

I had the oppurtunity to take some photos of my neighbors son, who is exactly 5 months younger then Caedmon. His name is Lukas and his parents are Solveiga and Paul. He is a lot sleepier then Caed ever was and his smile made us all smile too. We are hoping Caed and him become good friends. Solveiga and I take our walks together many times during the week with the boys and Khaki too. In these photos Lukas is 3 months old.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Jon's 30th Birthday Celebration

Last night we went to one of two shows that I bought tickets for, for Jon's birthday. This one was for Glen Philips, the former lead singer of Toad the Wet Sprocket. He was really great and we had a good time. We went early for dinner (the venue is a large coffee shop type place) and ended up being able to get seats in the second row. Auntie April watched Caed so we were worry free. This was the best that I could do to document the evening! A photo with my cell concert is Derek Webb!

Spring Flowers

I took my usual walk yesterday with Caed and Khaki and decided to try to get some photos of the flowers that are showing signs of Spring on its way. These first two photos are of what I think are called Snow Drops? They appeared last year through the snow (or mostly melted snow). This year they bloomed once in December when we had the warm streak, and now they are blooming again. You can see in the second photo the old shriveled up flowers. They are in someones yard that we pass on our walk into downtown Takoma Park.

These other photos are of this field of crocus's that we pass as well. When they are all opened the field looks like it's purple. We can't wait for the warm weather to be here permanently and get our first crawls in the grass.