Tuesday, February 21, 2012

oldies..but not too old

Funny enough, I turned my computer on with my older pictures (the netbook I was dumping the photos on before hubby finally got the other 'puter to notice the camera as well) and I saw these from the summer. It was end of summer when my twin friends came for a visit over their birthday. They were with us during the day, so I had the kids...and we went to the zoo of course!

One sister actually photographs animals in Africa, so maybe this was a disappointment, but it was entertaining for the kids! Look at Theron:

we had just been to the gorillas, and we were walking further on the path and he started walking like them. It was hysterical. People were trying to get by him, and he just wanted to walk along like this, and since I was in hysterics, I couldn't get him to stop.

And cutie brothers, what a funny shot. love these kids!

Now I need to get some more recent stuff. But I guess when you're blogging from your kitchen counter waiting for the roasted chicken to make it from 149degrees, to 165, this is what you squeeze in.

Monday, February 20, 2012

watch out!

wow. almost a year. watch out. I may be on the verge of a change in this habit. It helps that I can now put photos on the computer that I would like to blog from. (it only took a year to get it done!) What a crazy year the two's are with twins....we're almost at three though...almost, which gets us closer to four...which I can only hope gets me to more sanity....maybe?

Here's the hilarious photo of Caed at Christmas. We got Theron a ukulele for christmas since he loves guitars. Caed was rockin' in out! (love the unzippered pj's like he's Steven Tyler or something...ha!)