Thursday, October 28, 2010

pumpkin picking

I took the kids to a pumpkin farm a couple of weekends ago. Hubby had to do some home repairs involving a ladder at high heights, and I don't like that- so I took the kids out...I forgot how much I love this one pumpkin farm. It's popular, but not as most, and you don't pay to walk in, you just pay for what you do. And you can look at and pet animals for free. I wouldn't have needed to pay for anything if I thought my kids could walk to the pumpkin patch instead of the hay ride. But we had fun.

Theron was a little worried by the animals, but I kept pushing, I don't want them to miss out on these experiences. And well he kept the book away from the goats, because they did want it. I had to keep them in the stroller most of the time, it's the only way to keep 2 18mo. old's in my possession! Poor Aldan would have loved to touch the animals. I am a little weary of touching them though since a couple of a years ago Jon got ringworm from a Pumpkin farm. (not this one)

Of course I love the baby animals, and I couldn't stay watching them long enough...I kept things moving- I was really on guard about the kids- and I didn't want to loose my patience.

This photo was at the end....asked a stranger with an SLR camera to take our photo...

I come up with a well laid plan on things like this...keep the kids in stroller. Everything in a backpack. The only thing I wasn't sure how I was going to do it was the hayride to the pumpkins, all three kids, and carting a pumpkin. Aldan got on the hayride and wanted to sit across from me. I didn't make it an issue. As long as he sat. I didn't want meltdowns. Theron did give me some trouble with sitting, which was annoying- but you can't prevent everything!

Caed was just happy looking around. Of course I prepped him that I didn't want any trouble from him, if we were going to do it ever again. Ha. I ended up bringing reusable bag to carry a pumpkin we would pick. I thought that might give me the most flexibility and it would keep the pumpkin to a smaller size.

Ha, evidence of Theron not wanting to sit!

I let them run pretty much as they wanted (could) once we got off the hayride at the pumpkins. They loved it.

I attempted a shot with all of them. Of course I only tried a little, didn't want to make a big deal of it, I wanted happy kids more. I was by myself after all. We did have a great time, and they did really well. I left hoping they'd fall asleep in the car- we were 45min. away from home- and of course, they stayed awake! Geesh! I love our monkeys more then words- what a blessing they are to Jon and I.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy 18 months!

I'm a bit late here...but not too badly. Our monkeys are 18 mo. old. My how strangely time passes...the days are long, but the years are short.

I couldn't get them both to look at me, but Aldan was all silly, so this is fun enough. Theron can't let things out of his little mitts all that easily and he was holding a special toy of Caed's, so there was no changing his view. Aldan is holding one of his love-ys. He's got two, which are actually left over's from Caed that he never got attached to.

Don't let that little smile of Aldan's confuse you that he's the sweet one. Both have a streak in them, but they usually come out at different times. We are truely blessed.

And here's a little love's cute to realize they don't really know how to kiss one another when asked to. When an adult kisses them, they just have to lean in- so they just lean into each other. But they will pretty much do this at any time. What cuties. (and what a mop of hair that Aldan has!!)

I'd have their exact stats, except I can't find the small piece of paper the woman at the doctor's office so nicely wrote everything out for me on, since I am a bit scattered when I go to the appointments....I do remember that aldan is an inch taller then Theron, and because of that, Theron is only 90-95% and aldan is off the chart! Ha, that little overachiever!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

(Heather with her daughter)

Happy Birthday to my older sister Heather! Hope you had a great one! Love to you, amazing mom, wife, sister and friend! (hope we get lots more time to get to know each other better!)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

if i make it out to the garden

I find really cool things. Unfortunately my neighbor who watered our garden while we traveled this summer probably was in my garden more then me. But I did catch this guy one day. He looked like such the textbook grasshopper that I had to take a picture. This first picture was actually taken upsidedown. I know...not a gripping blog entry...