Sunday, January 31, 2010

10 months

We've made it another month...looking at these pictures gets me all teary! Amazing. Amazing that we've been so blessed with these monkeys.

Yup, it's pretty hard to keep Aldan still..

Caed asked to get into the photos...that was really funny...

My joy runeth over!


This morning I snapped a few shots of the kids. I have not taken my camera out since Christmas! My mom was here a whole week, and my sister and her fam came to visit- I didn't snap a single shot! What is wrong with me? I couldn't help but be in love with my babies this morning! I sent Jon off to the gym alone, thinking I'd get there after he came back...I was feeling too tired to motivate the whole family. The kids were apparently too! Caed slept until 8, Aldan until 8:30 and Theron woke up at 9:15! It was a lazy morning for me, in terms of getting myself ready. When Jon returned the roads were just too slippery to get out- and there had been no plows or salt trucks that had gone by yet. So i stayed in.

Don't these kids look totally different? Amazing they are twins!
When enough snow had fallen I let Caed get bundled up and go outside to play. He loved it. Stayed out there nearly and hour by himself in the back yard. He was playing with Rado and throwing the ball to him too. So cute, my boy and his dog! (love it!) Although the other day driving in the car, we had been quiet and Caed blurted out "got it". I asked him what he was talking about, and he said. "I have a plan. We'll give Rado to MB (former owners) and then we can get a cat!" I told him Rado wasn't going anywhere....and we could get a cat when we got a bigger house. He immediately asked if we could move. I told him no. The kid desperately wants a cat. It was really cute that he was devising a way to get a cat while riding in the back seat....but he loves Rado, so it was a strange request!
I also recently found a way to get him to drink orange juice! Give it to him in a cup with a twisty straw....and BAM! it's all gone! See, kids just need to have things presented to them in different ways, and they will feel differently about he's getting his vitamin c! (we drink OJ with Lots of Pulp, so it's not easily drinkable in a sippy cup) Here he is with his second breakfast. He was hungry this morning....
Theron's been a little clingy lately, which is hard with twins..both babies usually demand some of your attention, and when one wants to be on your hip....well i am thankful I've got a husband to hold one too. this morning, Jon was getting ready to head out- and theron looks slightly drugged. He wasn't, but I liked jon's smile (and tired eyes) in this photo.

Aldan's my mover....and here he is perfecting his sitting from standing...a difficult task to master of course. He usually plops to the ground...I work on very little with these guys, and while it's worked for Aldan, I've started helping Theron out with getting around- he'll be a little happier when he can join the fun by his own choice.

I am so blessed by these boys. Now to get some sleep so I can keep up with them in the morning- and motivate us out the door to church!

Monday, January 25, 2010


Not a bad post to have left up for three weeks, but it's time to change...(although I don't like change too much)

It's been tough getting back into the routine since coming back from Myrtle Beach. coming back was a lot of work. There was never ending laundry, and I mean for real. Besides, I've realized that in one single day my family can produce one load of laundry for the most part. So I just couldn't get on top of it. I did something everyday that kept me from just being home and unwinding. We had to take down Christmas and then one of my childhood best friends came for a visit. She stayed with us one night, and then a last minute stayed two. My mom came in the following Thursday and leaves tomorrow. (luckily she's been helping me keep up with the laundry)

We tried the gym out for the first time as a family the second Saturday we were back. It was really good, and great for me to see the work required to do it too. I was glad to do the first time with Jon. I went once by myself, and we've gone again as a family.

Now school has started back for Caed, this week is already his third week. Last week I had to be in the classroom, so that means up and at 'em early for me. I've got to get out the door by 7:30. think it's possible? It's not, that's why I was calling the teacher both days to tell her I was running behind. Luckily the tasks at that early hour are relatively easy to do since it's my second year...seriously, traveling with rush hour is no easy feat in addition to trying to get all the necessary arrangements. I have a list of everything that I need to do on those mornings- including what I want to feed Caed and myself for breakfast- and I didn't actually get to eat either morning even with my carefully thought out plans! How is it you get yourself ready, and three kids (okay really only one, I was just nursing the twins and leaving everything else for my mom to do both these mornings.) to do anything early? I don't think i ever see a solution. Maybe once the twins are 2 and they are doing more on their own...who knows...

Aldan has seven teeth- and is crawling all around the house now. And he says Uh-Oh all the time. It's incredibly cute. He's got this spiky hair that just isn't tameable. I love it. He wants to be on the go all the time! He's got a smile that lights up every corner of my being!

Theron, well he likes to do things on his own time. He's quite content to sit and watch. My mom has been giving him tons of tummy time though, and he's finally moved up to scooting backwards! The pediatrician will be proud! He's so cute though just happy as can be sitting and watching us and playing with his toys until he's hungry or tired...he loves to lean in for a kiss and have you snuggle him!

Caed is seeing the benefits of his brothers all the time, and he's getting better at engaging them too. I love this. the other night he was cracking Theron up in the car....oh boy, that sound was amazing...i didn't want to get out of the car! He also is showing more of an attention span for longer books, and is getting more and more out of our conversations and book reading. He's become a big helper too- pretty much whatever I ask him to get, he'll run and get it...that's a huge help!

We'll be back in the swing of things in a couple of days...sad to see my mom go tomorrow- but thankful she was here so I could have my days in the classroom, and go to the dentist, and the doctor (for a general physical)- I wouldn't have been able to do it as easily without her....