Tuesday, December 21, 2010

prepping for christmas

I love to do gingerbread houses with Caed! I remember loving that day in my class when we got to make gingerbread houses out of graham crackers and decorate it up with all sorts of candy!! Fun, fun! I do the icing for these projects but Caed pretty much dictates the candy placement. He even cut the gummy circles and put it above the door himself.

Caed thought of this little outfit all on his own. He came and told us he was dressed up like Santa. what a funny kid! we decided to tell Caed that Santa wasn't real. It was after a lot of thought and Caed's constant questioning. And actually he told us himself. One day after I had thought I was going to tell him, I asked casually after he had been talking about Santa "Caed, is Santa real, or pretend?" He answered with a stong "pretend" and that was that. (well we did discuss it more, but I thought he was ready for the reality of a pretend Santa at least!) He still loves the fairy tale of a santa, and all the stories and songs. We haven't ruined it for him completely! And he totally goes along with all his friends at school when they talk about him, so I think we're good. We've talked about it some more, and we talk about who St. Nicholas was, and even though he might not have it sorted correctly, he's got the gist. Anyway- he looks more like the Swedish Tomten then santa....but he totally cut and taped that outfit himself. (a white beard had made a brief appearance, but I haven't seen it since) we love this time of year!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Keeping busy

if you don't keep the Monkey's busy, they get into we're keeping busy. Of course we do have some down time, but we try to keep the yelling and hitting to a minimum by taking them out and about. (that's not saying they don't yell and hit while we're out, but at least they are distracted!) These are some of our photos from Thanksgiving and the Myrtle Beach childrens museum.