Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Back in May, Caed "graduated" from his little preschool! The program is run for 2 + 3's as to not interfere with many children moving to schools at 4. (it's easier to get into a school you want to get into at 3+4 rather then waiting until kindergarten) Myself and 3 other mom's started the school 2 years ago, and it's going strong! We are so thankful for a place to have our kids at and where we can be involved. Unfortunately since there is demand on the space, we are limited to meeting only 2 mornings a week. (we meet at our church's coffeehouses' basement, where they currently hold 5 services a weekend) I am going to stay involved this year that I have no kids there, and we'll be back once the twins are 2! Yay!

Next year Caed is going to a charter school nearby. It has a Spanish and French immersion program. You pick the language. We picked french (of course!) and I am looking forward to getting involved in this new community....Here's my sweet boy, getting so big! We are so proud at how much he's grown and learned! Thanks in part to his sweet teacher, we're so happy she's there! (we didn't have a teacher the first year, and this year we do, and will keep her!)

Monday, July 26, 2010

guess I haen't posted in awhile..

Man...i have wanted to post in the last month and a half...I have many excuses why I'm not documenting a single thing.

1) some guilt that I have over non organized photos on my machine and the photos I owe people on our shard machine downstairs have kept me away...

2)Twins are down to one nap, leaving valuable bogging time to nothing. I barely have time to get the stuff done during the one afternoon nap from everyone.

3) Twins are both walking!

4) I have been training for a half marathon in September. This is HARD WORK. I do my long runs Saturday mornings, at the crack of dawn, leaving my tired in the evenings. But proud of the fact that I am training. (thanks to sisters for some motivation to actually do this!)

5) I have three kids

6) it's hot out, but despite that I get the kids out as much as possible.

7) I like to read other people's interesting blogs through my google reader then come over to my blog and pretend I've got some interesting documenting going on.

8) some more guilt over not blogging people's birthdays, anniversaries, milestones...

9) I can't blog from my pre. I need an app that lets me blog from my phone.

10) I will be back...I got those photos organized, and I'll be burning two discs soon. I have to.