Thursday, July 30, 2009

coping mechanisms

so today I realized I have a little bit of a coping mechanism that I do.

My friend came over with her daughter, we took all the kids on a walk to the playground and then came home (it went well!!). Then I remembered I REALLY needed milk. I haven't done a grocery store trip with all three yet, and quite frankly it intimidates me. Jon and I went for the first time with all three this past weekend and it went okay- but doing it by myself is too much for me at this point. So luckily we do peapod and order our groceries online and have them delivered. Perfect for this mommy. Anyway. I really needed milk. I was thinking of the best way to have my friend help me. I offered for all of us to go there, park near each other and I run in with the kids in the car, and her watching them all. (my car doesn't fit more then my three kids, so we couldn't ride together) She offered to run there herself with her daughter, but I felt badly dragging her daughter into Safeway herself. So then I thought there's a 7-11 down the street, we can pay the premium one time- and so we agreed that me running down there without any kids was the best idea. So I ran to get the milk while she stayed back with all 4 kids. Now when I went into the 7-11 I grabbed the milk and quickly scanned the shop for anything else I might need. "Nope, we have bread and eggs- I don't need coffee....hmm, but I'll be "trapped" inside all day once I'm out of this store. What might I want later, when i can't leave. Chips? Yes! Chips! And how about a bottle of Coke? Yes! oh, do i want a chocolate bar too? No, I've got chocolate at home. Umm, how about a big bite? Maybe, but I don't think it's acceptable to walk back into my house with my friend watching my three kids, with a hot dog in hand. Unless, I came back with one for her......nah, I don't know if she likes hot dogs. Okay, milk, coke, and Doritos, check! Now I'll be happy with my afternoon when i want a treat."

See, my coping mechanism for not being able to get out easily is a junk food binge! I must promise to make my banana blueberry strawberry smoothie before I open the Doritos and coke!

Maybe I can resist them anyway.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Where we are at..

So for the boy's three month appointment Jon offered to take the twins. It was generous of him so I didn't need to stress out the whole morning in the waiting room and then trying to decide if I should nurse them and all the other things that go through my head at the doctor's appointment. (we go to a sole practitioner who's great but also tends to start later then her first appointment.) So I don't have any stats because Jon didn't know they should get them every time, and they didn't do it for some reason. Basically they got their shots, asked my three questions and left. Probably the shortest easiest appointment ever. Oh well. Either Jon will offer to do it again because it was a good appointment or because of all my "encouragement" to get weighed and measured at the next appointment he won't.

Aldan now likes tummy time. Likes it so much he turns on his tummy for every bedtime. I can't make him stay on his back, and he's gotten too big for the sleep positioner. He's also found his thumb. VERY helpful when he's upset, he just sticks his hand up and in a very rigid way gets his thumb into his mouth. We tried pacifiers for a long time and I guess waiting for a paci when he's always got his thumb- works better for him. I don't look forward to weaning him off his thumb! I have family members who sucked thumb/fingers for a long time. They will remain nameless. Theron has yet to like tummy time, but he's more verbal. He'll chat at anyone and anything. He's in competition with his older brother. If you have all of Theron's attention and talk with him and repeat basic sounds over again, he loves it.

Caedmon still will choose the name Theron first when you ask him which brother is which. I wonder if other siblings of multiples have the same issue. He's doing great though as far as his attitude with them. He's still not really nurturing, but he's looking forward to playing with them. I have a friend who always talks about how the siblings will be best friends- and so I use that as my encouragement to him. "Caed, they are going to be your BEST friend!" We also have a book from Jon's Aunt that he LOVES about being a big brother. Caed has been hysterical lately- making up all sorts of stories and saying all sorts of funny phrases. I wish I was writing them down more often! He is definitely growing in leaps and bounds.

I am still really pretty strict with the schedule and for now it's working for us. The babies are sleeping- I still go back and forth with the best method to get them down- and for nap time with all three I am always changing how I do it. Basically, if I am good about getting the babies down for their nap at 12:30, then getting Caed down by himself becomes possible. But I keep doing it different so I haven't settled on the best method. It's hard to feel okay with the way I do it when I'm leaving one baby crying at some point. For the last 5 weeks Jon has been going to a bible study on Wednesday nights and I've been doing the whole nighttime routine myself. It's quite the routine to juggle.

Jon did take this past Sunday night and did it all himself too. He even had to do the last feeding at night. He survived! I am so thankful for a husband willing to get his hands dirty.

I also took the kids up to my sister's in PA for one night. I wanted to see what travelling with them is like and see how we would do for one night someplace else. They did okay, it took a little longer to put the twins down, but they finally went down and slept through the night! It was really nice to get away...and I'm happy I did it.

We are going to attempt a camping trip labor day weekend (what are we NUTS?!) with old friends and a trip at the end of august to MB, which came up unexpectedly...I'll be back with a post about my last week of official help.

We go to the 4 month appointment next week already!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Uncle Andrew and Auntie Sally

We loved having Jon's brother and wife (that seems like a strange way to refer to a friend!) here for a whole week! We were so blessed by all their help. We had a great time celebrating Caed's 3rd Birthday when they were here too. Andrew and Sally made a great team. Uncle Andrew would play with Caed and hold the boys- and did stuff for Jon too- mowed the grass, weed whacked, and put out mulch around our yard, he fixed a nick in the wall that someone had recently caused- and I not only had him choose the wrong paint to begin with, but then no one caught he mistakenly painted the color around the corner too until much later! Oh man, that was a frustrating project. Anything that needed to be fixed around the house, he was willing to do. and it was a week "vacation" for him. Sally is a teacher and so she's got her summer's off. Rado got lots of good walks from Sally- and she helped bathe the babies, dress them, get them to sleep and help me stay on a routine. The biggest out of her comfort zone task she preformed? She changed her first (and many after) diaper. And not just wet ones, stinky poop ones! She was really a trooper, I was so thankful.
Whenever Andrew leaves, Caed always gives him such an honest good hug. He loves his Uncle. (and well his aunt too...!)
I know there is a lot more I could write about their help/visit, but as a mom of twin babies, my brain has turned to mush and this is what I got. thanks andrew and sally, we love you guys and miss you so much (and caed wantes to swim in your pool)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

chinese manufacuring at its best

We got this little piano for Caed for Christmas but didn't give it to him then, and gave it to him for his birthday. Some of this didn't make any sense at all, who let it on the boat for the U.S.? Can you see how hysterical this is? We were cracking up reading all the bizarre sentences..still cracking up looking at these pictures...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

so cute

today after i had nursed the twins, it was so adorable- I was holding Aldan upright for burping, and Theron was still laying on the nursing pillow- they started looking at each other and then Theron started smiling at Aldan. It was
a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e! I didn't get a picture of it, but wished i had. Then Theron started getting his fist in his mouth and Aldan started looking for his thumb (which he found the week Co was here- too cute too- although I'd rather he take a pacifier) it was like they were copying each other. Then Theron started his "talking" and Aldan made some sounds too! Aldan doesn't "talk" like Theron does, so I was really surprised. I love watching this interaction!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Grammie's Help

We were fortunate to get Jon's parents help for some big chunks of time these past three months. they really helped fill in the gaps. Grammie was excellent at getting the boys to sleep in their bouncy seats (photo above bouncing them at the same time- what skill!)- i mean excellent. I think she could cast them into their deepest sleep because I could never get them to sleep so well. I don't have many pictures with her here because I think it's like the way it is with April- she was here so long i didn't rush to take the photos- I have the least photos with April too, even though she's here practically every weekend. Anyway- while grammie was here she cooked wonderful meals, occupied Caed and kept this house in order (dishes, laundry, feeding the dog, etc)! We even went out for a late dinner for the first time while she held the fort down with sleeping kids. Grammie was here then went home for about a week and came back with grandpa to celebrate caed's birthday. Grandpa helped Caed climb the willow tree for the first time! Caed loved it!
Thank you Grammie and Grandpa for all your love!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy July 4th!

We had a great day. Friends over for brunch this morning and we're heading out to see fireworks in a little bit (wish us luck). Beautiful weather amazingly too! Thank you auntie april for the festive outfits!!
(yes, caed is holding an already exploded firecracker that he and Jon found on their walk around the block today. It's his "rocket")

a little back tracking...Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend we had old friends come for a visit. We love Tim and Dawn and their three boys! (their youngest is about 3 weeks older then the twins) I can't believe we have 6 boys between us! We met them for the museum in the morning, had a lot of fun, and had them over for a cookout, which turned indoors when it rained. We have known and been friends with Tim and Dawn since we were in high school. Dawn is a couple of school years apart from me and when she left for college i used to write her actual letters. I used to love getting her letters back, and that was mostly my motivation.
There are a bunch of us that married others in the youth group and so it's fun to get together and share our adult lives together too. We had an awesome youth pastor that really spoke into our lives. (he married Jon and I and was the reason for my minor in youth ministry) We all got to do and share life with each other in such a unique way that I think that's what brought out all the marriages!
anyway, we look forward to more fun with their family and their boys!