Monday, March 30, 2009

on their way...

found out today babies are ready...both are head down and ready to go. (last week one was head up- and the week before it was in between, the week before that head down!) Here's to hoping for a quick labor!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Smithsonian Kite Festival

It was a gloomy day on Saturday but we decided to try for the kite festival anyway. We first went to it last year with our good friends the Smith's. Caed's good friend who is in Cali until May- so we missed her this year a lot! In fact, at one point Caed told me he was going to call for A, because she was his friend. He wanted her to come and fly his kite with him! It was really precious and made my heart warm that he missed her at a particular event! I really try to stress the importance of our friends- and you can tell it's really growing on his heart....

I was a little worried about my taking part, but decided it was worth it, because heck, I don't have much free time left anyway. The Washington Monument is at 16th street. We finally found a spot at 9th street. I walked the whole way to the Monument! I was proud, but it was a slow go, and involved a potty stop at a museum too. We really had a nice time, and Caed loved his Cars Kite we bought at CVS right before we got there...Too bad it was soo gray out, we didn't get great pictures...

Jon on our walk to meet with his parents who we dropped off at the monument with Caed...foggy day!

Cherry Blossoms were pretty much closed up, but with today's sun and warmth, they were out a whole lot more!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

getting all ready

one of the many benefits of getting this extra time with the babies is getting everything REALLY ready. Although sometimes it feels strange getting our house set up with swings and bouncy seats at this stage, we might as well. So here are some of our preparations.

Pictures of the nursery, still in need of organization, but getting closer, with the mural on the wall that my sister Heather painted a couple of weekends ago. I know you can't see details in this photo, but isn't it lovely? I just makes the room complete. This was the second time she painted our nursery. What a generous sister! (they all are!) It's amazing you can even walk into this room, it required lots of help from mom and April last weekend!!

Big upholstered chair in preparations for nursing two! (i even have a special boppy type pillow for it too)

I will be more committed to bottle feeding mixed in this time, so my Mother in Law cleaned all this by hand!

The bottom part of the bottles went in the dishwasher...

There are three swings here in this photo- and a bouncy seat. we have a total of 4 bouncy seats. This back room is finally completed, but we still need to organize this too a little more!

We've got a collection of diapers and wipes in the living room already too!

And lastly, we have about three months of help worked out (or in the process of) at our home. The nurse at my doctor's office also told me she offered extra help (night time!) and if I feel like I'm falling apart, at least I know who I could contact to pay to help me/ us a little more!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You take the good, you take the bad

you take them both and there you pregnant at 38 weeks.

Yes, I did it. Taken in front of a door, not sure why, other then my friend Nina who delivered her second recently took her pregnant pictures in front of a door and so I felt like it was the best place. I hope you appreciate my bass bow above the closet door. I've had that bow since the 4th grade! Yup, I played the bass cello for 7 years. The first picture here is better then the first taken picture below it. But I included the second photo for shock sake. I think I look more pregnant with twins in the second photo. Here you go Nana...and tell co to have e-mail at home that she checks so that I can e-mail you things like this, rather then post them to my blog! :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

all is well

Yup. Not a single bit of progress. My doctor can't believe that at 38 weeks, I'm pregnant with twins and no dilation in the least. I'm holding these babies really well! Back to the hospital later today for another non stress test, then again on Thursday. So happy my in laws have been here to help with caring for Caed. I know he's in good hands and having fun despite all my running around.

Looks like another possible 40+ weeks. (not really, I would NOT let that happen in this situation)

I am going to take some pictures of our home's preparations for multiple babies. I think you'll find us buried under- but trying to keep all the gear at bay.

I am also thankful for all the beautiful flowers coming up these days, it helps to keep my spirits lifted- and the promise of warmer weather too. I can't wait to have our back doors open with fresh air coming in!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

38 weeks

So I'm bitter that I've made it to 38 weeks. I am happy and proud but bitter! I thought I was going to be panicked by an early delivery- like really early.

Instead I am working my attitude around. And try not to think about the fact that I just watched the first scene of the movie Whale Rider! What were we thinking?! :)

I pray that the Lord keeps us all safe, and can't wait for the other side of this pregnancy. Tomorrow is another doctor's visit!

Monday, March 16, 2009


my blood pressure today at the doctor's was normal. That's a praise. (thanks mom for staying late to watch Caed!!)

Getting strong nesting instincts (enough food in the cupboard, treats for Caed, and setting up systems for the next year of babies' life.) and very little sleep.

I can't help waking up to use the restroom in the middle of the night and then laying awake thinking about all the small things I need to remember on our way out the door to the hospital, when the time arrives. Then evaluate if I am having contractions and if I hear Caed talking in his sleep. I also glance out the window every time on my rise from the bed. This annoying habit is a result from when I was in college there were two times that looking out my window caught two bad events- one, our house catching on fire from my hot ashes that I dumped outside (everything was fine, just majorly melted garbage cans) and the second was my roommates car being hit by another car where the driver had fallen asleep at the wheel. Ever since those two events, looking out my window in the middle of the night becomes something that I can't help but do if I'm awake or something wakes me. This hasn't produced any advantages other then some strange middle of the night observations. And certainly when I am getting less sleep it's just another annoyance.

Caed was 11 days late. These two babies seem comfy too. We'll see what happens.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Monday's Snow...Friday's warmth!

Okay, I don't have any picture's from today- but it was a bear with Caed anyway- so Monday's picture's would be much more interesting anyway...On Monday we were out of the house by 9:30 in the morning- Caed even asked to skip breakfast to go out in the snow. He was REALLY excited. But I've come to realize, I think his excitement was for eating the snow, not playing in it. Man, I could not get him to stop! It was okay the first day, it's mostly clean- but he was even trying to eat the last of the snow around the street signs this morning! We all know what pees around those, right? Yuck!

He loved playing in it, and didn't want to go in until finally he was pained enough to be forced in, and then the process of "defrosting" was even more painful. But it's fun that he doesn't care at this stage if snow gets packed into his hood and melts down into his sweatshirt- he's enjoying it.

And it was relatively short lived snow anyway- today it was in the 60's, if not the 70's, and tomorrow is promised to be even nicer! My tulips will be VERY happy. They've started pushing through the soil. I meant to get some pictures of that with the snow around them...oops.

Last night we had a brief scare that I might have to deliver- I had been to a doctor's appointment in the morning and my blood pressure was higher. I left before the doctor and nurse had communicated that to each other, and then my doctor was worried. Like, called my home a few times and tracked down Jon on his cell. I finally got back to the doctor and I had to go in before the end of the day and get my blood pressure taken again. Luckily it was fine- but if it wasn't, I was heading to the hospital for blood tests. If that came back that I needed to deliver then I would be there for good. So I called Jon home, packed a bag and we headed over. I was sure that we were going to be delivering, and was NOT feeling ready! I was so thankful that we have a little more time! But I did have good timing in having three sets of our home key made! And I prepped all our other keys and as much as I could- it's good to know what we still need to have taken care of!

Now on to the pictures from Monday!

Caed all ready for some sledding~ I can't wait to get a couple more sleds next year and I get to go!!

He voluntarily made a snow angel, although it looks like I am making him in this photo:

I taught him to pick up the sled and walk over to me- (to get to the bottom of the hill, there are steps, it's REALLY convenient)

Proof that me and the babies were along too! It's really difficult to find winter snow clothes that actually fit!

Later in the day, at 5, Jon took Caed out again. It was a little more fun for me because I got to watch them do all the work and could just laugh and take pictures. With Jon on the sled with Caed they went a lot faster and further! I'm glad I didn't try it!

Here they are:

One photo of Jon going down by was too funny on the small toboggan (the sled, not hat for you southerners)!