Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We have been a gypsy family as of late. We've been running around and trying to keep things as normal as possible in between! It started with our week vacation in Myrtle Beach visiting with my family. It continued with a split family trip. Jon had the opportunity to go along with an old friend, Mark, on a trip with Mark's 8th grade youth trip to West Virginia to help out, mostly with cooking. Caed and I headed out the day after Jon left and went to visit my sister Heather in PA. We went from Wed- Fri, but the family desperately wanted a longer visit with Caed and so they kept him until yesterday, Monday. Over the weekend I took advantage of Caed being in PA and helped friends move with as much of my time as possible. It was really rewarding to help and not have to worry about Caed, and just keep working until we ran out of time! Jon returned on Sunday, so we're only trying to get back to normal now. But we're preparing for a trip this weekend to Grove City, PA for my brother in law's wedding. We are all in the ceremony, even little Caed in a tux! Aunt Betsy is on duty to evacuate Caed if there is any scene. We'll be back on Sunday.

And in the middle of all of this Jon is hung in the middle of his job ending and a job offer that was given and then put on hold. We're a little unsure of how God will continue to provide for us, but we are looking at the other end of this knowing that we are indeed being provided for.

We've got lots of photos to still post and will be back with them soon!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Christopher and Stacey's Expanding Family

I didn't get to post the shower photos yet, but we had a chance to visit Christopher and Stacey in the hospital after the birth of #2, a boy! not so little Simon Christopher was born on Friday and was working to beat Caed in size at birth! 9lbs 10oz and 22 1/2"! only 5 oz smaller then Caed. We are so happy for the family and we know little M will be a great big sister too!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dairy Farm

Sally's Family has a couple of farms, and we had the chance of visiting her aunt's Dairy Farm when we were out for her Bridal Shower. Caed took a few minutes but once he warmed up he really enjoyed it. We were out in the sloppy mud and a thunderstorm, but he just kept going to see everything.

In with the calves:
The Calves, and Aunt Betsy:

Auntie Sally and one of the twins. I'll guess this is Kendall?

The calves:

This momma cow deliver about 5 minutes before this picture was taken. Additional gross fact, afterbirth was still apparent on the momma cow too. Amazing to see this so soon after the birth:

I forget the type of cow this was, but it was a really pretty one:

The inside of the barn:

Aunt Betsy loved just watching the mom taking care of her baby:

The piglet:

He was about a week old:

the farm, taken from the house:

The storm above, and the puddles:

More of the farm:

The bunny:

the chick:

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Baby Shower #1

Back in May we threw a baby shower for my childhood best friend Becky. She's due in a couple of weeks and it's about time that I got these photos posted! It was back home on Long Island and it was a first for me with Caed and no dad. Luckily another friend was there that could take my camera so I actually ended up with photos. Thanks Kirsten! We had a good time, and it was good to see old friends and celebrate this exciting time in Becky's life! (sorry for so many photos)

Becky and her sister in law Soula:

Three childhood friends kids': (l-r: caed, Caleb and Liam)

Kristin, Becky's sister and almost best friend Debbie:


Becky and Debbie:

Becky's mom and good friend Debbie:

More party:

Best Friends:

Arlene and her little talk, making everyone laugh, of course:


Opening gifts:

More gift opening:

Mom and son wrestling:

The cake:

Becky and the Grant family:

Old friends and family:

finally here...

I just wrote a new post and then tried a different way to post my photos and lost the whole post.

In short, we've been busy, and with the nice weather, outside a whole lot more. I've got cute photos to post and will do that.

I've been staying up to date on the blogs I read with a handy google tool on my iGoogle homepage. It's Google reader, and when someone updates their blog it just gives me a little link and pops open only the new post. I don't have to go and click through everyone's site, so it's really great. My friend Katrina told me about it, and I'm sold on it! But now that makes commenting on people's sites a little more difficult because I would have to go all the way through to that...and the reader is already so handy. But I wonder that means for interacting even less on a little interaction blog anyway. I mean, it's already like looking in on someone's life when you read the blogs, but now I can get your recently updated posts and I feel even less inclined to let you know because of this 'shortcut'. I'm not sure if I conveyed my curiousity about that in the right way, but anyway.

Last weekend we took a trip to North of Pittsburgh for my soon to be sister in law's, Sally, Bridal Shower. YAY! We had a great time, and I'm not sure what kind of photos I have the party, if any. But I do have some from a visit to the family dairy farm that we got to take!

Lots of posts to come soon- although we head out on a little vacation soon and will be in and out the next few weeks.