Monday, April 30, 2007

Aquatic Gardens 06

Last Summer, Jon and I took Caed one afternoon down to the Aquatic Gardens when all the Lotus flowers were blooming (i think that's what they are called) and there were tons of dragonfly's, butterflies and beautiful flowers. These are some of my favorite pictures and so I thought I would post a couple. My camera battery died after only about 12 pictures. Hopefully we'll get to go again this year!

Jen's Visit

Our friend Jen who lived up here until October, moved to southern Mississippi to work for Americorps and the rebuilding efforts from Hurricane Katrina. She came for a week long vacation to DC and stayed with us. We had a good time hosting her, and of course the time was too short. Here is one of two photos I took before she left! (literally right before she left- Caed is still in his PJ's!)

Lukas's eyes

Here is Lukas a few weeks ago...yes, I am behind in posting them! My friend Jan was teaching me a technique for getting good picture's of eyes. I don't think I got the technique down quite perfectly, but I was trying to show that Lukas's eyes are still blue- they haven't changed color still- they are more of a steel-y blue.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


The weather turned a little chilly on us here today, but it's still a lot better then snow. I must really be concerned for the possibility of more snow because last night I dreamt that we had a big snow storm. Today we had a great walk and I didn't bring my camera which I was bummed about. All the tulips are out and there are so many great and beautiful flowers in bloom. So many neighbors yard are pretty with the variation in colors they have blooming. I have some old pictures I still need to post, which I am hoping to do tonight.

One bad part of our walk, if there was one to find, is that there is this one house that always (okay most always) has a dead critter on the grassy patch in between the road and the sidewalk. There was a bird and now it's a little creature that looks like a mouse. I don't know for sure because I only happen to catch it in my view when I am at the part in the hill that I am exerting more energy and I guess I look down to concentrate. It's really quite gross- and then I have to redirect Khaki to stay away from it (I have her in such a predictable walking path!) and then we start swerving- and it catches me off guard no matter how many times I pass it! I thought of taking pictures, but then thought that might be a little gross. :) I am hoping it's just a cat with really good aim.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wednesday's Playgroup

Here are some more photos from the playgroup that Cead and I go to from our church. Caed has gotten a lot better about playing without me attached to him (last week he thought crawling over to Grace's front door and taking apart the curtain was a good idea) and we love getting to know the other babies. They all seem to grow up so much between the weeks, it's amazing to watch them all at this stage. We even tried for a group shot, which we were somewhat successful, if that means they all got in the shot at the same time!

Anna and daughter Grace

Grace's big smile!

Millie fast asleep

This was prior to Millie falling asleep!

The kids! L-R: Taylor, Grace, Millie, Caedmon, Violet

Another Grace!

This was getting set up for the group shot. We had some technical difficulties at first with our non-sitter!

Playing Around

We got a new car seat for Caed about 2 weeks ago and he enjoyed playing in the box. Auntie April liked playing in it too!

Warmer outside photos

I took these photos a week or so ago- when it was a little warmer out. And a Cherry Blossom Tree in my neighbors yard is such a treat for us to enjoy in the springtime!


These aren't great shots, but a few of the family from Easter Sunday. Jon's parents got him the cute outfit! Thank you Grammie and Grandpa!

more of our walks

So these are mostly pictures of the animals that pass on our walks- Khaki loves to watch the squirrels and as the weather has gotten nicer, there have been more and more out. She watches with such anticipation in catching one. We haven't let her try it yet...

This is our neighbors dog Romeo. He's a jack russell and at first Khaki didn't like him much, but they have really become good friends. Khaki even lets Romeo lick her face. Caed also gets a kick out of Romeo. With his hyper-ness, Romeo can really get Caed laughing and doing some non-stop talking!

This is one of two dogs in one of the shops that we pass. They are always yapping at us because of Khaki. And they are always dressed!

This is Coffey. I've met her owner once, and he happened to tell me the spelling of her name. She used to bark at us all the time, and now when we pass she just wants me to scratch her tummy through the fence. She also gets a big smile from Caed.

Another squirrel crossing our path!

The quince blossoms have really come out. They are so pretty!

The Awakening

On my way to meet Jan at the Cherry Blossoms, I passed The Awakening statue for the first time. I took Jon back there the following Sunday because I thought it was really cool. I didn't get great pictures because it was bitterly cold out and Caed was super cranky. Here are a few though that I did get-

Cherry Blossoms

Caed and I went downtown to see the Cherry Blossoms with our friend Jan- who I mentioned earlier had some great pictures of Caed. Here are some of my pictures from the day.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


We had snow on April 7th, the day before Easter- and this is the only photo I got of it before it melted. I took it out my bedroom window with my cell phone. The weather is just so unpredictable these days!

Visiting Friends

We visited our friends- Blake and Suzanne Ferriera and their daughter Natalie. She's about 18 months old and Caed had a good time getting to know her more and getting kisses from her too! She's such a cutie pie! We met Blake and Suzanne at our preparing for marriage class at our church before we got married. It's been so much fun to spend time with them and have our kids get to know each other too.

Auntie April's Photos

Auntie April LOVES to take Caed's photos. These are two that made me smile. Caed with a mohawk and Caed wearing Mommy's hat. He loves to watch me put on my hat before we go for a walk- and he thinks he's so funny wearing mine too. Too bad he doesn't think it's funny when he wears his own!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Well my work is temporarily finished, and I'll be posting those photos soon. I hope you took a look at the photos of Caed on Jan's Blog- they really are amazing. The link right to the entry with his photos is here:

Caed has been a sport through mommy's busyness- still taking our walks everyday so that at least kept some routine going. We are actually trying to really get a good schedule down now to hopefully help out with Jon's parents coming to take care of him while we take a week vacation to St. John's. Yes, a week without our little bundle, we'll see how we do. I suspect he'll love the time with Grammie and Grandpa. And we'll just have to work hard at not feeling guilty!