Monday, May 17, 2010

College roomie vacay!

My college roommate, Janet, who I was placed with randomly our first year became my roomie all 4 years- on and off campus. We got together in williamsburg a month ago! We had a great time- They have two girls, and she's pregnant with a 3rd, which will be a surprise what it is until the birth. All the kids got along and we really had a great time. We did family stuff together, the guys golfed one day and we got pedicures. It really was so much fun. We even got to see another roomie of ours too! I miss them so much!

The Woof clan on the boat:

Jon and I had to take turns since we couldn't bring the stroller on board, so here's me with Caed:

Haley and Caed in the burned out boat:

fun jamestown stuff...

C in the gear!

Monday, May 10, 2010

holy gimoly!

I found this picture tonight. I usually blog from my netbook, and tonight I am working on some photos I recently took and so I'm on my desktop. I ran into this picture....38 I thought I would have delivered by then.....but no. Delivered at 39 weeks, so here you have doesn't help my shirt doesn't fit over my belly either...

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Today is my dad's birthday- he would have been 68. I went and visited his "spot" with the three kids and took a picture, I did it because I know the rest of my family would have liked to do it if they could have. Tonight Caed asked why we didn't have a cake! We should have, next year I think we'll celebrate his birthday with cake, maybe small personal square cakes because my dad liked the corner pieces of cake! Yum, I'm hungry thinking about it! Here's to next year.

nearly 1 month ago my Nana turned 90!! I didn't do a post because I was in the middle of getting my computer returned and trying to catch up on all things with the hulabaloo around the twins turning 1! Although we couldn't make the celebration, we were celebrating in our hearts with her! (which hers is going strong, thankherverymuch!) I value all the conversations and time spent with my Nana. She holds a very special place in my heart of course! If I had to choose the most valuable quality about her, it would be her faith in God. Growing up we had the opportunity of living with my Nana and Grampy for a bit- in that time I really got to live her faith, experience it. She's an incredible woman and knows the Bible back and forth (right Nana?) and has read it through so many times! One of things I loved was looking through her clothespins and finding my name. she wrote people's names on the clothespins and would pray for them as she hung out her laundry. (and there was a lot of laundry to be hung then with all of us together!) I value her faith also because it's laid such important roots for me. I so valued living and growing up in a Christian home, and it's because of her continuation on in her faith that has me believing and living it as well.
Happy very Belated Birthday! And here's to at least 10 more!!

At Christmastime:(where is my flash?)

oh there it is- too much!! She's holding Theron and I love that it appears that he's looking up at her.

And for Mother's Day sake, My mom and Nana with my mom's grandkids and some of Nana's great grandchildren. (taken Aug. 2009)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


i am going to skip ahead a little here, but I'll be going back. Just wanted to get these photos for family. I took the kids to the zoo all by myself and we had a great time, I even had time to take pictures! I napped the babies in the morning and got us all ready and then got them up changed them and put them in the car. We ate lunch there, and it was so cute to do together, they did really well! I didn't push it or have any expectations, and when I sensed reaching the end, we packed up and left. we'll be back!