Tuesday, September 28, 2010

will the real twins please stand up?

my mom and her sister, our fabulous aunt, have always been asked if they are twins. They probably look more like twins then our actual twins...but I can't see the similarities in either set- I guess I know them too well. We took a picture for fun- unfortunately it's very difficult to keep the adults and children all looking at the same time! (well the adults could keep looking, they just couldn't keep their eyes open!)

and here's Caed with his requested photo...with his beloved kitty and pink paper cheeburger car. I love his love for his toys. He plays with them until he wears them out, and then we still can't get rid of them because he asks about them later! (tonight he requested some obsure car we threw out because it had come all apart, and this remote control car that our neighbor gave him, that burned out- not to be working again....I just tell him we'll have to look for it, if it's something I think he'd be too upset to hear we threw out...and hope he forgets about it a little longer!)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

you can do it too!

last Sunday I accomplished half of a goal. I ran a half marathon. 13.1 miles.
While pregnant with the twins I realized it might be a bit harder to loose the weight the second (and third) time around. I considered taking up running, once it was possible. It took a little longer to start running then I anticipated because of the logistics. That's when hubby gave me the amazing Christmas gift to the gym with childcare.
I started running on the treadmill in March. I ran a 5K in April, and had my heart set on the Paris Marathon 2011. I found a half to run which I thought would be a good indicator before registering for Paris on how I'd do. I ran in this past weekend. I was a bit slower then I anticipated due to a few reasons. I think I'm going to put off Paris another year, and try for a closer to home Marathon next year. So I'll stick with my goal of distance, but I'll put off the destination for now.
I am really really proud of myself. I don't feel badly about putting off Paris, because I think the bigger objective is getting healthy and having energy for my family. Running has made me a better mom and wife (i think!)
Other friends and family are really supportive and proud too. I keep reminding them that it's not hard to do when you take the time to train. You could do it too if you set out to train. It's not like I woke up last Sunday and decided to run 13.1 miles...I've been working really hard at it for months. Don't underestimate your own abilities when you work up to something- give yourself a small goal and then what you think you can handle from there....there were weeks it was hard- there were my long runs that took a long time... that my knees hurt me or I didn't have the best mood...and my tummy gave me problems, once home, at 10+ miles! i kept trudging through and had a good time. And I did it- and i wasn't last or didn't have to be picked up by the van that drives at the end...
so thankful that my family has made the sacrifice too.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

just a day..

C started school. We started adjusting to a new schedule. I have had to have a lot motivation to keep us on track with our time from wake up until 3. Kids all go down for bed now between 7-8 rather then the extended 730-9.

C comes home usually pretty happy now too. He's glad to be back with his toys, and our home. It's fun to watch that and think of the transition it must be in his I came back home after dropping him at school and the twins seemed bored...and like they wanted Caed to play with. after about 20 minutes. they warmed up and started playing together. I love seeing just the twins together, it's been a lot of fun to see their own interactions now too...

So today is just a day...and I may be seeing a spot in my day to add some blog posts. Lord knows there no shortage of things I think of blogging!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Part 2

I really find so little time for blogging these days that I can't believe I'd go back and catch up. Ha! This is the last pressured 'go back' I'll do! (why did I name that last blog part 1!)

I had the hardest time actually on the boat. To me a cruise is a wonderful way to see lots of places without having to do the driving/flying ourselves. I would love to try a cruise with others- friends and/or family. I couldn't help feeling an overwhelming sense on how indulgent it was. Especially in the beginning. All I could hear in my head was lines from the movie Wall-e. "Lunch, in a cup!" I relaxed a bit after the first meals, but frankly I would have been more comfortable cleaning my own room and serving myself at dinner then having it done for me. I was awkwardly grateful to all the staff and wanted Jon to tip everyone more!

We had lots of time to relax....

I was thinking a lot about how blessed I was to be there. There are lots of people who deserve as nice as a break and vacation as we had. I never dreamed that I would get to see and do the things we did.

And we got our picture taken with the Norwegian captain.

We really had a great time and I am so thankful for Jonathan and his commitment to our family, and us as a couple. It really was great for us to do the trip, and especially after the twins turned 1. It was a long year...and we made it!