Sunday, February 28, 2010

Horse Flys, Stink Bugs and Babies- Oh My!

Since the blizzard, and hence an ever so slight warming trend, we have begun to see Horse Flies in our house. There were 4 in the basement and one upstairs in our back room. The kind that you find on the beach! I don't like them on the beach, but if I lived near the beach and had them I maybe wouldn't be so offended that they've taken residence in my house. Luckily they are a slow moving variety (maybe due to their appearance while it's still cold?) so it's easy to kill them. We've killed a couple of stink bugs too in various locations.

Bugs are not something I enjoy getting rid of in the house. I try to be brave for the kids' sake, but I fear it's not quite effective, as Caed screams every time he sees one. (this includes the ever present "spider cricket", which we haven't see much of lately) I still try to calm him down and remind him they aren't dragons, or something else quite as viscous as he makes them seem when he screams. I try to convince him he's supposed to like them and take them to play outside for his mom. It's been a tough sell. even the "take the bug back to his mommy" doesn't work.

Aldan and Theron are mostly 11 months old today (darn short month!). I have been trying to figure out how to officially celebrate their birthday next month. They will be 1, so they won't remember it, but I feel as though I need to celebrate for us. The blessing it's been to have them, and how we've really be blessed by others as a result of their birth. I'm still thinking it's been amazing to have made it this far.

I started weaning them a little earlier them I thought I would, but I am ready. I can't believe I nursed them both for quite so long. When I am presented with a challenge like that, I usually want to overcome it, or back way down. I was up to do it. I committed and there was never a second thought- I wanted to get through most of the winter with nursing them, and I did. Whew! Now to gain a little more independence. I will also be gaining a bunch of time I hope. Right now, nursing two, dressing two, changing two, preparing food for two, feeding two, getting two cleaned up, changed again, and put down for naps/bed takes a lot more time then I give it credit. Cutting out nursing will hopefully give me the chance to squeeze in a clean up of some sort, or working on something developmentally with them instead. I usually run around during their nap times trying to catch up on everything around here...and I still have a 3 yr. old to give attention to and help. I hardly get the chance to blog or e-mail, one because they don't nurse as long, so I don't sit with the computer, and two because since they are more mobile, I need to chase after them, or they are pulling on's just this stage. I am okay with that- but I am trying to be patient and enjoying this for this time in our life.

The babies are lots of fun, laughing a lot and making tons of messes around here. And I am laughing with them, and going around cleaning up after them. Rado helps occasionally too. Our furniture will need to be replaced after this stage. We wrongly chose a non-busy fabric and well everything shows up, even where we clean shows up....Caed has been playing with Aldan a lot lately too, running after him- getting him to chase him...and well Theron just cries to play along. He's still not moving- much. He will spin himself around, and scoot a bit, but he's pretty much left in Aldan's dust. I try to make up for it, but I do want him to be frustrated so it motivates him to move himself. I try to balance it.
It is amazing how two kids, fraternal twins, can be so different. They both do things in such different ways. I love comparing their differences because they are so obvious right now. Theron turns the pages of the books. Aldan will touch those touch and feel books, Theron won't. Aldan moves around, Theron doesn't. They are both offered the same food, and yet Theron is solid and Aldan is "squishy". It's fascinating...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Valentine!

Jon's Birthday is February 13. It's always tricky for me to plan for both his birthday and Valentine's Day- I usually end up realizing I didn't think both "holidays" through. Nonetheless, I am so lucky to get to celebrate his life and our love so close together!
As I wrote about just a few posts earlier, i am so thankful for Jonathan as my husband, he's such a wonderful partner for me. He is sensitive and kind, loving and generous (when he's not being frugal) funny and supportive.
Although I woke up cranky this morning (that happens when you stay up way to late watching the Olympics!) he still is making the best of it! He bought me 2 dozen roses, took us out for breakfast (my favorite meal!) at IHOP (yes, all 5 of us, only for the second time since the twins have been born) and planned for me to go get a manicure/pedicure today. I love this man!
I decorated the house and planned to make a pot roast for dinner. I am thoughtful aren't I? See, I come up short somewhere...but yesterday for his birthday I had presents for him, I made a special meal of NY strip steak (grass fed) flounder stuffed with crab meat (trader joes) mashed potatoes and steamed carrots. I also made a Black Forest cake (his family tradition) mostly from scratch too. He got out for some father/son haircuts and a few errands to make his day complete. (I actually would love to run errands all afternoon with just Caed- how easy, and what a joy!)
Happy (belated) Birthday and I love you!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Do we like all the snow?

Yes! We love all the snow!! (don't ask Jon, he's the one shoveling it all!) Now back to our light show put on by Caed in our living room. He's got all the lights out and our camping lantern on, dancing and singing around. His brothers love it.

midnight blizzard

i went out and took my tripod out for some photos tonight of the was VERY cold and windy. But I love taking photos like that. Wish I was brave enough to take a walk around my block, i wasn't wearing snow pants though so I didn't want to be caught freezing cold and sopping wet! Caed is going to love it tomorrow!

Friday, February 5, 2010


Some facts so I don't forget.

Started nursing the twins separately after Thanksgiving- they were 8 mo. old. I am probably going to wean them at the end of February.

They eat so much variety, even now at 10 months. I never gave Caed grapes until much later, but I find if I cut them up small, I can give them to they with no problems. Thanks to a good friend of mine who has a baby only 2 weeks older and she gives him everything too, it's helped me broaden my options. (thanks nina!)

Caed will take himself potty, flush and wash his hands all by himself- and pulling up his own underwear and pants (finally!) this has helped tremendously. His communication has grown so much lately, and that's help the general workings of our day....he will keep himself busy with drawing and play-doh or lots of pretend play with his trucks. Or on those days he ends up watching the movie "UP" three times and then at bedtime tells his dad he's "going to rip him like a library book" (yes he did say that!) and we center our TV/Movie views habits back to minimal.

While Theron still doesn't get around, Aldan is making up for it. I have a feeling Theron is going to do some sort of other type of scooting though- and soon. He's getting frustrated and will rock himself back and forth so much that he finally can turn himself or propel himself in a he's getting there, i just hope he "hones" his type soon, it's very funny looking! Theron just got two more teeth finally, but he keeps up with Aldan no problem. They are both drooling hounds lately...Theron listens to books much more patiently then Aldan.

The two of them have started talking and laughing at the beginning or end of nap time- it's too cute. I hope to somehow foster the same sort of thing for Caed- maybe all three should share a room....hmmm...

I just took on a small graphics project. I think I am regretting it. Nothing else will get done around here since I only have small windows of time, and I'll need to them to do the work and communicate with the client. Good thing it's a weekend and Jon can pitch in...