Friday, October 31, 2008


I am not a fan of spending money on Halloween costumes and growing up my mom always helped make our costumes when we wanted to wear them. My sister Heather has always done a good job helping create her kids costumes so I was on a mission. I put together a cowboy outfit for Caed this year and he was always willing to wear it- minus some bribing to wear the hat. We had a number of costume wearing things to attend to this year to it was fun to get to much wear out of the outfit! On Wednesday the mom's group I attend was packed with kids all dressed up!

Caed the cowboy and his good friend Aliyah the giraffe, with Lucy the Ladybug looking on:

For school the next day we changed our shirt. And jeans (besides he spilled milk all over the jeans at dinner the night before- does he know we have 3 days to wear the outfit? ):

At the little church office parade the kids did at school, we stopped for a photo with the candidates who happened to be hanging out:

Here's the class photo with all the cutie kids!:

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Me Three

Today Jon asked Caed if he was excited for new brother's or sister's (we won't find out what the babies are) and he said "yes!" Jon replied with a "me too" and then Caed said back on his own "me three!"

Jon then said, "you aren't three, how old are you?" Caed said "I'm Two"

Monday, October 20, 2008


I've got all sorts of things to post- Birthdays to acknowledge and pictures to share.

But tonight I can't help but be moved by this video from one of our church missions teams. They are currently over in Thailand and returning tomorrow. I feel compelled to keep watching this video struck at the reality of how desperate the situation is there. Struck with being compelled to reach outside my comfort zone. Thought I would share.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


In the past few weeks Caed has been using adjectives to describe things. Today was "such a nice hayride" other days at the park are "GREAT!" and evenings have been "beautiful". It's a lot of fun to hear these descriptions come out because we then know he's really enjoying the life he's experiencing. I can't force him to say these things, he just says it when he's thinking it. What a fun stage to enjoy as we're also enjoying his crying tantrums with repeated pleases to get his way.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

15 weeks

Today we had a doctor's appointment to which ended a lot of anxiety for me. I've been feeling overwhelmed with carrying twins and what that means for them and me! But today's appointment went really well and the doctor told me to just come in for an appointment if I was feeling anxious and then I wouldn't have to keep in my anxiety until the next appointment. I was happy to hear that. But after my next visit I'll start having a visit every other week already, so hopefully I won't have to squeeze in an appointment in between. I am surprised that after this next four weeks I'll already be seeing him every other week! Today he measured my tummy and I'm measuring that I'm 25 weeks along. Wow! So I won't be the one who was able to carry twins like it was a single pregnancy- I thought I might be exempt! hehehe

He reminded me that at 20 weeks I'll feel like I'm at 30, and at 25 weeks I'll feel like I'm at 40 weeks. Right now I just feel tired and can't remember the specific weeks with Caed, so I'll just roll with it! We keep up with our walks, not as often since Caed goes to playschool two days a week- and I try to keep ourselves active since that seems to be the best way to keep feeling good.

I've found a new addiction too. Trader Joe's Chai Latte mix. The warm on my stomach is nice- but I learned last night that I can't drink it too late in the evening!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Birthday HEATHER!!

Today is my sister Heather's Birthday, and when we tried to call her the first time this morning, she was in the shower- so I took video of Caed singing- even though we called back a few minutes later to which Caed still insisted to singing on his own. We wish we were there to hang out and have some soup and grilled cheese with you on your Birthday! Sorry I gave away your age. (I hope I was right!)

Happy Birthday!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

First Day!!

You might think that I should Finally post pictures of Caed's first day at his co-op playschool with a title like that. But I'm not. That will come eventually.

Tomorrow is Jon's first day at his new job! Yes, he accepted a new job last Monday- on the single biggest point loss in the stock market with Bearing Point. And he starts tomorrow! We are so thankful for this job, and it's seemingly a great fit. They have been so excited about him from the beginning so I think it will be great. We will need to do a little adjustment once we're back in the "dad goes to work" routine but I am thrilled to get back to normalcy.

It's been almost exactly 3 months since he left his other job which made him miserable- and we know that the economy shouldn't be allowing such a great opportunity right now at this time, but he's hitting the ground running!

Another post tomorrow for Auntie Heather!