Sunday, November 11, 2012

since i haven't downloaded new pictures...

Do you mind if I post some older photos? Photos from pre baby. In fact they are from much earlier this year. 

We seem to still be surviving life with 4 boys, and it seems like no problem and we've got it all figured out and then I think it's only been about 6 weeks, we still have LOTS to figure out. Boy did the Lord want some humor giving us 4 children, let alone 4 boys! I do think its funny that whenever we go anywhere people see us and ask if they are all ours. then they are surprised to then get the additional fact that they are 4 boys. Being out actually doesn't seem overwhelming until it's been a minute too long. Then we pack up and head for home. :)

Easter. this is a typical pose. they are all monkeys with each other, but love each other so much.

School  birthday celebration. I guess since Caed's birthday is at the end of the year, he'll always have a big class celebration. Funny to see all the names like that though.

Caed's kindergaten teacher (English)

Caed's Kindergarten teacher (french)

Caed really enjoyed his "graduation" ceremony to 1st grade.

This cracks me up. His school is totally healthy, can't give them candy or other "bad" foods if you pack it. And  the school lunch is as local and organic as possible, They grow their own stuff at the school too! But look at the options here. There is always a main option, and vegetarian option. This day it is Hot Dog or Sushi! ha!

Graduation Day from Kindergarten

This is us as a family on Caed's big day

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Our little vikings (and one little monkey) hope you had a Happy Halloween!

If you don't recognize who exactly they resemble, they love the film they come from, and so that's the costume designs we tried to replicate. Of course we thank the girls section of the thrift store....fur happens to be a lot easier to find in that section then boys, imagine that.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

First weeks with a newborn and 3 other children

 With the past two pregnancies, the coming home was the hardest. Life was a huge adjustment. With Caed, our first, life was upside down. No more just Lauren and Jon. We had this little life to sustain now. The recovery afterwards for me was an unknown. It all turned out great, Caed fussed a lot, but we eventually got him on a schedule, and we enjoyed life with his mostly expected expectations. :) And my recovery went fine too. I remember that first pregnancy, my ob's office had me come in that week for a check up. It wasn't much, probably just mostly to make sure I was doing fine mentally. Then I went again about 6 weeks, and I was good to go.

Second pregnancy, with the twins, there was a lot of apprehension as well. We were coming home with 2! I am so thankful that with Caed we mostly did the Baby Wise way of the first year. (schedule...) It really set us up to be successful with the twins. I don't know how you'd demand feed'd probably be nursing/feeding all day! My recovery was good too, but this time, they didn't have me come in that first week. Instead I think it was 2 or 4 weeks. We tried to have things set up so Caed could help himself to basic things (sippy cup of milk in fridge, dry cheerios in a cup on the counter) and we didn't have to run out to school every morning. We also had set up months of help. Friends and Family would come in for a week at a time, and that was a lifesaver. I am still so thankful for all that help, in was invaluable.

Third pregnancy....I wasn't sure how it would go. I was thinking it would seem better since we just did twins. And pretty much it's been good. It's of course hard to parent 3 other children and have a newborn with so many needs, but for the most part the 3 older boys have been so good. My recovery seems to be good, my energy level is pretty good too. We just can't seem to get the schedule thing going exactly the way we want. It's hard when every morning you've got to start each day making sure that 3 kids are dressed and ready for school. Including that they use the bathroom and get fed a nutritious breakfast, have their shoes on and bags filled with the right items. Then we have the baby who in between needs to be fed, changed and happy. We're planning on returning to a better schedule, but right now we're making it work. Little Grayson is along for the ride....and we love this little guy so much. 

dad loving on G

Big brothers want to love on him too. Even in cowboy gear.

Auntie working her sleeping magic
Soon to be Uncle Tom loving on G too.

Uncle Andrew and Auntie Sally came to visit the newest little  boy too.

A and T keep busy with trains.

His first bath!

Some first days of school shots.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Welcome Peterson boy #4!! Grayson Russell

On October 2 we had our 4th little Peterson boy! What a blessing and a gift this little life is. We didn't expect (plan) to have a 4th child, and feel so blessed by his arrival. He is so sweet, and tiny....(well in comparison...) and healthy. That's all we really wanted, a healthy baby, gender didn't matter to us! We kept that a surprise the whole pregnancy and we were REALLY surprised!

He weighed in at 9lbs 3oz, and 20 1/2".

 Big Brother Aldan

Big Brother Theron (so in love with his little brother!)

Biggest Brother Caed. Doing a great job too!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Dairy Farm

One of my favorite things of all times is visiting a farm. I don't know why i find them so amazing, but I love them! We got to visit my SIL family dairy farm. Look at my kiddos! They were at first intimidated by all the mud...but then ran everywhere...! (I forgot they wore cowboy hats! how appropriate!)

The baby calves!

Nice Theron...cover your face!

This is one of my favorite cows!


The kids! how's like a movie...they all just stood for the picture and ran around dragging my kiddos too. it was AWESOME.

Love this!!

They got to ride in the tractor!!

We saw a snake too!

battery was dead in the toy tractor, so Aldan pushed Caed. What a good brother!

And worms!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A baby shower!

In March we went up to North Western PA to a big family baby shower for my BIL and SIL! We had sooo much fun! My SIL and her brothers significant others are all pregnant too, so they had a big party at once for all of them!! The boys had a good time too. Even though it rained, they played in the puddles, ran around and were soo good! We are so excited for our new niece, and for Sally's family! How much fun!! (of course the photo of Andrew and Sally wouldn't upload...sorry Andrew!)

The three couples sat at the one end of the room. (you have to have a big space for this family! There are so many of them!) :)

This is the blanket that my MIL made for Andrew and Sally. Gorgeous, isn't it?!?! She's made blankets for our three boys too, and they are so soft and cozy and wonderful!!

Caed took this picture.

The party was held at the Mennonite church, and all those quilts were made by church members! Awesome!

I think Caed took this picture too. 

The three sisters!