Thursday, April 26, 2012

A baby shower!

In March we went up to North Western PA to a big family baby shower for my BIL and SIL! We had sooo much fun! My SIL and her brothers significant others are all pregnant too, so they had a big party at once for all of them!! The boys had a good time too. Even though it rained, they played in the puddles, ran around and were soo good! We are so excited for our new niece, and for Sally's family! How much fun!! (of course the photo of Andrew and Sally wouldn't upload...sorry Andrew!)

The three couples sat at the one end of the room. (you have to have a big space for this family! There are so many of them!) :)

This is the blanket that my MIL made for Andrew and Sally. Gorgeous, isn't it?!?! She's made blankets for our three boys too, and they are so soft and cozy and wonderful!!

Caed took this picture.

The party was held at the Mennonite church, and all those quilts were made by church members! Awesome!

I think Caed took this picture too. 

The three sisters!