Sunday, November 11, 2012

since i haven't downloaded new pictures...

Do you mind if I post some older photos? Photos from pre baby. In fact they are from much earlier this year. 

We seem to still be surviving life with 4 boys, and it seems like no problem and we've got it all figured out and then I think it's only been about 6 weeks, we still have LOTS to figure out. Boy did the Lord want some humor giving us 4 children, let alone 4 boys! I do think its funny that whenever we go anywhere people see us and ask if they are all ours. then they are surprised to then get the additional fact that they are 4 boys. Being out actually doesn't seem overwhelming until it's been a minute too long. Then we pack up and head for home. :)

Easter. this is a typical pose. they are all monkeys with each other, but love each other so much.

School  birthday celebration. I guess since Caed's birthday is at the end of the year, he'll always have a big class celebration. Funny to see all the names like that though.

Caed's kindergaten teacher (English)

Caed's Kindergarten teacher (french)

Caed really enjoyed his "graduation" ceremony to 1st grade.

This cracks me up. His school is totally healthy, can't give them candy or other "bad" foods if you pack it. And  the school lunch is as local and organic as possible, They grow their own stuff at the school too! But look at the options here. There is always a main option, and vegetarian option. This day it is Hot Dog or Sushi! ha!

Graduation Day from Kindergarten

This is us as a family on Caed's big day


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